We are expert at innovation in financial services sector. Between us, we have broad experience in corporate FX, investment and corporate finance. We also have been organizing monthly fintech meetups for over two years, where our group members learn from invited expert, discuss current trends and network.

Our group members include entrepreneurs, investors, fintech influencers, management consultants, programmers and lawyers. Most recently, we have touched upon cybersecurity, authentication, RegTech, chatbots, PSD2, MiFID II, blockchain, InvesTech, Artificial Intelligence, payments and remittances, InsurTech and user experience in Fintech.

Our main focus:

Cybersecurity & Authentication
Arrival of PSD2 will change the way banks allow access to their systems. We are paying close attention to the way that authentication technology evolves. Given arrival of GDPR th security of data will likely rise in importance.
Fintech community is looking to benefit from new ways of doing business resulting from new regulations – personal / business finance managers, research marketplaces, compliance facilitating services, etc.
Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
Technologies and services making use of data, whether external or internal for better decision making processes.
Conversational Agents / Chatbots / UX
New trends in user expectations and experience involve rising popularity of conversations agents. Chatbots are becoming more fun and more engageable.

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